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Humboldt in da House

So great to see my old friends.  The viking’s name was Robbie.




The Otter windmill, quite near our apartment.  The suspected spoiled cappuccino.  A friendly face. Dogs en masse.


Well Equipped in Amsterdam

Bought a bike today for €140.  Guy said he would buy it back for €40.  €100 for three moths doesn’t seem too bad.  Rides like a dream.

Now one for Jenny.  Bij de kleine mensen fietsenwinkel.

Sunday “Morning” Coming Down

What a lovely day.  We had a late lunch in de Pijp at Cafe de Duvel.  Jenny had a delicious chicken Caesar and I had chix satay.  Watched the chaos of boats navigating the aftermath of Amsterdam City Swim event.  Stopped for a cold drink at the corner of Herengracht and Utrechtstraat.  Wandered home and stopped at the AH for groceries.  Picked up my AH Bonuskaart.  Truly local now.

So our internal clocks are wonky.  Getting up around 10:30 each day and going to sleep around 2 am.  Not sure that it matters much.


Here are some highlights from London.